Wednesday, May 25, 2011

48 Hour Reading Challenge

I am so excited to be accepting Mother Reader's 48 Hour Reading Challenge!  There are so MANY books on my stack... and so many more I want to add to the stack it will be hard to choose.  But I will focus!  I just finished The Clockwork Three which I LOVED!  And Horton Halfpott, which I also LOVED!  What a catchy title!  The book was great!  I am looking forward to many summer days of good reading.  But I will truly miss several of our fifth graders as they move on to middle school.  It has been such a great year reading with them.  They have given me good suggestions (The Clockwork Three) and I have given them some (The House of Scorpion!) This is why I love my job so much!  Here is to getting the stack ready for June 3 and the 48 Hour Reading Challenge!